Risk . Control . Impact

COREUM is advisory firm involved in international development and cooperation, with a core expertise on risk management. Our consultants share strong ethic, boldness and impact-oriented mind. Our works intend to develop and foster best risk management practices to serve global performance of organizations, impactful responses to sustainable development goals, and to support transition in the financial sector.

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Connecting the dots

Our firm is built to serve different actors and bring cross-sectorial dynamics that serve the common benefits. Because organization are made of people, we share vision, ambitions, knowledges and ideas to develop best practices.


Our risk management team works with financial institutions to define and implement new strategies serving both efficiency and sustainability.


We support transformation of the operative systems of companies to enforce control and performance with innovation and resilience.

Public sector

Together we align visions to develop impactful strategies with transparent and collaborative decision processes, protecting against fraud or corruption.

Non profit

With our collaborative network, we share experiences with a wide ecosystem and adapt our practices to secure ethics and improve long lasting impacts.


Because we are entrepreneurs convinced that collaboration takes over competition, we support eco-entrepreneurship in Europe and Africa.


We meet the agenda for humanity by bringing international and local actors to create a sustainable value chain between humanitarian response and development programs.

What we engage for

As consultant, we are accountable for the circulation of best practices. We intend to develop and foster top risk management practices in order to serve resiliency and global performance of organizations. In response to sustainable development goals, we work on development of collaborative and cross sectorial ecosystems. Convinced by the key role of finance to accelerate and leverage transition, we advise financial sector to support sustainable economy.

Our expertise

Through a collective exploration of new paths, continuous watch on the evolution of management and technological solutions, we deliver high ends results together with valuable advisory services. To reach objectives and meet expectations, we bring together consultants with sectorial experts to work along your teams in a continuous improvement dynamic.

  • Governance and strategic thinking 30 %
  • Risk management and internal control 48 %
  • Transition and innovation 24 %